Q: What is Rooted Co-op?

We are a parent-run homeschooling group that meets once a week on Mondays for three hours to offer classes in Kent. The classes we offer vary each semester based on demand and what parents want to teach. Most classes are elective based and meant to supplement already established homeschool curriculums. 

Q: When and Where do you meet?

A: Rooted Christian Co-op meets on Monday mornings at Faith Church in Kent from 9-12. We have two 12-week semesters, beginning in September and January.

Q: What is the age range of the Co-op?

A: RCC accepts homeschooling students ages 5-18. Preschool and Toddler students may attend if they have an attending sibling age 5 or older.

Q: Do I have to be a Christian to join?

A: Adult members and teachers must agree with and sign the Statement of Faith that can be found in our handbook and agree not to teach anything contrary to it.

Q: What curriculum is used?

A: As an enrichment based Co-op, RCC doesn’t use a set curriculum for classes. Instead, each teacher applies to teach classes based on their own talents and interests.

Q: Is this a drop-off program?

A: Dropping off students is not allowed and the attending parent must be available all periods for possible assignments. By registering students in classes, members agree to work assigned periods, assist with set-up and/or tear-down, and contribute to additional programs.

Q: Is there a part-time membership?

A: Yes, partial member benefits include anything but class attendance such as field trips, mission projects, mom’s nights out, parties, park meet-ups, and special events. Members may upgrade to full membership based on availability during open enrollment periods and will be given priority at that time. There is no age minimum for partial membership.

Q: What is the cost to join?

A: Full membership- $52/child per semester

Partial membership-$25/child per semester

Background checks $20/parent every two years.

Each class chosen may also have material fees that may range anywhere from $2 to $50. These fees are determined by the teacher and are included in the class list. Material fees cover the actual cost of items given to or consumed by the students and a reasonable sum may be requested for general non-consumables or for the purchase of class curriculum. Parents can choose classes for their child that fit their families budget.

Q: Do you offer tours?

A: We are happy to have you come by for a tour! Please contact rootedchristian@gmail.com to set one up.

Q: How big is Rooted?

A: Currently we have about 52 families and 132 kids.